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Posted: Agustus 30, 2010 in Tourist Attraction
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Happenings conversation mining area is often a lengthy discussion. Include surrounding areas spatial planning procedures. One of the interesting conversations on June 23, 2008 at Bapeda Office of South Sulawesi province, which involved representatives from the Department of Public Works, Bapeda South Sulawesi Province, East Luwu Government, and PT Inco. Topic, written and happenings what is implied in the Law No. 26 Year 2007 on Spatial Planning.

Sorowako that became PT Inco’s mining centers, declared a national strategic area, 1/D/2 category. Determination KSN (national strategic area of national) Sorowako, referring to the following considerations: the interests of efficient use of natural resources and high technology, as well as having wide influence on economic development to the national level. Mainly because the work contract (KK) signed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia (Soeharto, at the time) end until 2025.

Kota Sorowako di kecamatan Nuha, Luwu Timur, merupakan sentra pertambangan nikel PT INCO Tbk.Nuha Sorowako town in the district, East Luwu, a nickel mining center of PT INCO Tbk.

In the overall context of national spatial planning, of course that is intended not only to the extent KSN Sorowako Sorowako City, part of the Regency of East region. Rather, the appropriate area as set in the KK area includes areas located in Central Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.

From the experience of leading the dialogue scenario planning in the context of regional development planning, land use patterns (RTRW) over the years, many factors and aspects that need to be a major concern the development of the region. Start of economic, social cultural, environmental, and even politics. Moreover KSN was integrated from the central, provincial and district levels.

So, it should be discussed further delineation of the area happenings, especially mining area boundary (exploration and exploitation) with the staging of implementation. Also, the area nontambang oriented to the development of conservation, tourism, maritime affairs and fisheries, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, lakes, rivers, trade, services, docks, ports, and airports.

In this context, in addition to coordinating the dialogue between central, provincial, and district related to the KSN, scenario planning dialogue with local communities, is a must, must not be ignored. Mainly determine the focal concern of all stakeholders in realizing that KSN. Dialog scenario planning was necessary to obtain a more concrete picture about the driving force (driving force). Commercial aspects of science and technology based on consideration of setting KSN, economic, social, cultural, and environmental (physical and social).

Under all conditions that developed scenario planning in dialogue involving all stakeholders, including traditional leaders, from local communities, will be more concrete picture terdeskripsikan their foreign development area, at least until the year 2025. So, clearly what is really needed now, and what will be developed after 2025. Also the function of urban development, city districts, and villages in each area. For example, Sorowako, Nuha, Towuti, Malili, bahudopi, Pomalaa, and others. Including the core business of each of the three districts in the province and its development orientation.

Not with the exception of planning functions based on the interests of the living area which could encourage economic growth, control population growth, and achievement of human life quality index based on human development (education, health, and economics).

With the establishment of KSN Sorowako, since the present government of each province and district is in it, must from the beginning to see over the function of mined area that has been reclaimed, post-2025.

Viewing KSN Sorowako, should be seen as human efforts to observe the future development, sustainability dimension of development. If not, KSN will only be a source of problems because of different interests berhimpunnya complex.


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